What a great match is this between India VS Afghanistan

INDIA is own team of AFGHANISTAN  if Afghanistan lose or win the match ,no peoblem for Afghani people .For Afghanistan the match of Pakistan was very necessary when Afghanistan

lose the match my heart broke my hope lost my wish is win the match from enemy country of Afghanistan . I feel india want to make afghanistan win as symbol of friendship thanks to thala anna ….manish pandey ,lokesh rahul ,thala dhoni would become vicitims of mujeeb or rashid for sure, No matter which team will win, obviously the team who will give their best will win today but Afganistan team has really impressed by their batting. They have been very consistent throughout the tournament and I am sure they will continue with their impressive performance in upcoming future. Best of luck from my end and love from my end to all the cricket fans in Afganistan… I am sure they will be at their best by 2019 world cup.

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