What need to arrange this Asia cup Icc fixd it for india?

what need to arrange this Asia cup final. ICC fixed it for india. India can’t win any final without umpire. Bangladesh lose only the cricket match, But india loses theirs morality. ‘I didn’t ban Cricket from Germany just because it kills time rather, I did so because I knew that one day India will play this game”without illegal advantages from umpire india couldn’t win a single trophy. you all know the biggest gambler of cricket world is from india according to icc.BTW some pepole said ICC = Indian Cricket Council. Many Bangladeshi saying that ICC won the Asia cup.. but according to Pak fans ICC= BCCI..there fore Bcci/India has won the Asia cup… Got the math now Kanglus?

It was because of Rod Tucker, otherwise Bangladesh would have won ICC world cup, Fifa world cup, Rugby WC, Grand Slam, Hockey WC, English Premier League, La Liga, WWE Championship, Elephant Polo, Ludo WC and so on.

To win this #Asia_Cup so far what has not done India? Team hotel, fixure and even the venue..everything has been arranged according to their desire. The decision of this stumping came to us with no surprise. We are already used to with this sort of icc’s/indian’s/umpire’s cheating. In a nutshell, what we can say, taking the advantage of a mighty cricket board,

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