Sri Lanka bowling is not problem ,Sri Lanka batting is problem.

This Sri-Lankan team is Sad. Even Windies team competes more than Sri-Lanka. Sri Lanka needs batsmen of at least mehedi miraz calibre but unfortunately they haven’t got one. So, both openers have failed in the 2 matches so far. Hales to regain his spot (preferably ahead of Bairstow) in the next game please.. Don’t England have a bowler that can throw the ball like Malinga? Malinga the slinga is going to have to bat out of his skin 3 wickets down for 27, I don’t have a clue how stokes is still in the side never mind batting ahead of butler. Malinga’s efforts are invain! Sri lanka are 20-3 now and definetely are in the loosing side. Who ever who said Aneglo Mathews is useless should watch the replay of how chandimal got out. No matter chandimal replaced mathews. Still srilanka will loose the series. Keep playing chandimal , keep loosing matches. You’re not gonna win a single match keeping mathews out

Batted nicely, England. Will take some chasing. Root is already an ODI great. Root is class, butter and stokes are finishers rest of the batting order relies on their form while bowling is alright. Let’s hope they keep their form till the world Cup.Well played England.. Brilliant Innings from Morgan.

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