Welcome Alastair Cook

Congratulations team england for the series by 4-1 great farewell to Alastair Cook thank your chef and again thank you alistair cook you will be missed.

We are disappointed that you are calling time out in your career because sheer pressure from some of the past elite cricket players. I beg you do not listen to them you still got it form is temporally but class is permanent. Yoy can change your mind and join those 3 elite players Tendelker, Ponting, and Kallis by scoring 40+ Centries you only got 7 Centries from joining those 3 elite players. You can,you still young enough you are 33 years young. The reason we follow England because of you, you are a good ambassador on and off the field. It’s always a joy watching you play. You are a winner and a winner never quits. It is not a sin for to change your mind please I beg and encourage you not to give up. I will be praying for you to change your mind. We are believer in the most High God. Do not give up you still got it. Please i beg you, you can change your mind do not let some loser determine your career or destiny. From George Rayasi Western Australia.God bless you, looking forward to hear a positive respond from you. Remember you scored a century in the last test in Melbourne and you did again in England, People spoke too soon you redeem yourself in Melbourne and you did again in England. Think about that. Bye for now your Fijian cricket brother.

Hello Alastair, you are one of the best batsman in the world, we still remember your innings in many odd situations, you stood and made a lot of runs, the retirement decision is kind of disappointment for the fans like us, but All the best and hope to see you with cricket in future..Thanks.

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