Virat Kohli Sachin is the best ever.

People are saying virat kohli has not faced good quality bowling like sachin, pointing and other greats.My question to them is, why are other batsmen not creating records like virat kohli against weak bowlers of this Era? It’s not about quality of the Bowlers. It’s the class of Virat Kohli.

INZAMAM UL HAQ is the greatest batsman in ODI’s ever . He is still the best match winner of all time . Double check Cricinfo. Inzy is also the second batsman to score 10,000 in ODIs after SACHIN . The only one I could think of even close to Inzy would be LARA . Although Virat is the greatest batsman of this Era . Real champion . Congratulations to Virat Kohli

Masood Mohammad, Inzi had a sublime touch at the start of his career. Even Imran considered him greatest talent in 1991-92. I remember his master innings against NZ in 1992 WC semi’s. But after around 1996 his batting became lazy. Kohli and Lara are incomparable when chasing is concerned. They play with ease during chasing. If Lara wouldn’t have retired early in 2007 he would have topped ODI and Test aggregate Runs chart. Do some search on Lara’s batting against AUS in 1999 WI tour. U will get the answer. Kohli is the greatest modern day batsman

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