Happiness is watching England Dominating Australia

Jason Roy you beauty. The player I idolise always. Its treat for eyes to watch him when he is in full flow. Best batting lineup right now in world cricket. Jay Roy and Jonny B doing what they do!!! The best partnership in world cricket!! Unless your the test selection team who don’t play either!! Embarrassing Morgan a real inspirational captain. It’s a nice day i like it very much I pray that the coming t20 world cup is our I like it’s a gift for Morgan so excited for this good by

It was actually a bit sad. Like Aussie side was no match, not because they did not have those gaints but because they were playing with drooped shoulders. Psychologically they were down.. It was quite sad.

Won the world cup without picking the 2nd best ODI player in the world because he loves the bugle. What a team!
They should bring hales back. He served his time, missed out on winning the World Cup. It’s punishment enough. Blokes a world beater. Morgan should put his dummy back in and let bygones be bygones.

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